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Thank you, Survivors

To: The Survivors of the We Will Community

Dear Survivors,

Thank you. Thank you so much. Today is April 27th, the "In This Together- Words of Thanks" prompt day for NSVRC's #30DaysofSAAM challenge. As such, I wanted to reach out and say thank you, although this thanks is long overdue.

I created We Will roughly one year ago. I was scared and unsure whether there was a community who cared about sexual assault prevention, whether there were people who would support an organization so focused on a taboo subject such as sexual assault. Looking back, knowing what I know now about our community, I realize how baseless these fears were. Nonetheless, I started this endeavor unsure of what it would hold. I started the Instagram, followed a few accounts, made a couple of posts, and with some anxiety looked to what would happen next.

We Will grew immensely seemingly overnight. I started our #WomanoftheWeek posts and began sharing quotes I wish I had heard as I went on my own healing journey. During the time We Will has grown, survivors have shared dozens of stories. Hundreds of words of encouragement have been related by you all to your fellow survivors. Thousands of dollars have been raised for survivors facing assault as well as for prevention of assault.

I have seen many survivors grow, initially unsure whether they wanted to share their journey, to swelling with pride showing how they have healed. I have received countless messages from individuals thanking survivors for sharing their stories, expressing how badly they needed to hear what the survivor shared. I have witness multiple survivors reach out and offer support, acceptance, and safety to others. The We Will community is truly miraculous. It often brings me to tears to see your strength, your love for one another, and your passion for this cause.

We are survivors. We are capable. We support one another. We Will is a special community I cherish and a community much needed in the world today. Thank you, Survivors. The success of We Will is your success. We Will is your community. You are We Will.

With humility and appreciation,


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