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In 2018, our founder, Brittney Herman, wrote a substantiative paper in law school that found a correlation between poor sexual education and high sexual assault rates. This groundbreaking research, published in 2020, has now been downloaded over 4,000 times and brought about the genesis of a brand-new organization dedicated to sexual assault prevention through sex education: We Will. 


Sexual assault is preventable and action must be taken. We are dedicated to making that change through formal and informal sexual education, community growth, and survivor support.

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"We will prevent sexual assault and empower survivors through formal and informal education, community growth, and survivor support."

Our Driving Force


Why "We Will"

As we worked to establish We Will, we had a hard time picking the perfect name. So, we first decided to look towards our mission. To say,"We aim to prevent assault" wasn't strong enough, but,"We focus on preventing sexual assault" didn't show total commitment to our cause. The only wording that truly fit our goal was starting our mission with the words "We will." We will prevent assault and empower survivors, and will not rest until sexual assault is eradicated. It is the only acceptable goal. 


Get in touch with We Will to learn more about our work and how you can get involved.

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