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Why "We Will"

Back in 2018 when we created We Will, there was a lot of trouble figuring out a name that fit. As such, we decided to create our mission first. We knew that we wanted to focus on prevention and mitigation of sexual assault, but choosing the words we would use proved difficult as well. "We aim to prevent and mitigate the harmful effects of assault" wasn't strong enough for us. "We focus on preventing and mitigating the harmful effects of assault" didn't show total commitment to our cause. The only wording that seemed to truly fit our goal- to completely eradicate sexual assault and mitigate the traumatic effects for survivors- was starting our mission with the words "We Will." We will prevent assault, mitigate the harmful effects of assault, and will not rest until sexual assault is eradicated. Is it a lofty goal? Sure. But it is the only acceptable goal. We want our name We Will to create a sense of community and united effort in our goal, and to display our absolute commitment and dedication to our cause. We will complete this important work. 



Complete Dedication

"We will prevent sexual assault and mitigate the harmful effects experiences by survivors through formal and informal education, survivor support, and community growth."

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Making a true difference

We Will was founded by Brittney Herman in 2018. After writing a research paper, she discovered a correlation between poor sexual education and high sexual assault rates. Sexual assault is preventable and action must be taken. We are dedicated to making that change.



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