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Creating Lasting Change

With this initiative, our goal is to create communities that are educated, support survivors, and prevent assaults. Read more below about each of these initiatives.

Educating Communities

Sexual assault is preventable. However, many individual and communities are unaware of this. As we educate communities, we will hold individuals accountable for their actions. Additionally, community education is critical so communities know how to best support survivors.

Supporting Survivors

When a sexual assault survivor feels supported by their community, they are more likely to speak out about their assault experiences. This has a chain-reaction effect that can benefit other survivors who have not spoken out. It can also prevent assaults as assault perpetrators are identified.

Preventing Assaults

We Will aims to empower communities to help one another and recognize dangerous behaviors and stopping assault before it starts. Communities will learn how to be active bystanders and speak up for others. This is critical for would-be victims who are incapacitated or put in physical danger by the assailant.

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